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About Us

Anthony J. Howard

Financial Advisor

I was brought up in a middle class home. Dad (Ron ) worked, selling for a company called Wajax ind. (Construction equipment). Mom ( Jean ) called herself a Domestic engineer. They raised 3 kids, Terry , Mike and Me. Life started in a home that my parents bought in 1957ish in Downsview, Ontario for $16,000. They sold that home in 1972 for $32,000 and bought in Unionville for $57,900.

Money was something that was never really talked about until it was too late. My father (RIP) was horrible when it came to managing his money. My mother (RIP) taught me about saving. Both had an equal effect on me and why I chose to become a Financial Advisor.

Why do I tell you this? I think it's important to share with you where I come from when it comes to managing your money. I have lived with debt and how it can make life uncomfortable. I have paid out Death Claims for clients with whom I have had coffee. I have sat with families that are going through both awesome life events and ones that are going through incredibly hard life events.

I started my practice in 1994, not really knowing what the future would bring. I had a plan, lots of passion for the financial industry, but truthfully I would not have a business if it was not for my clients.

I look forward to connecting with you to continue or develop our relationship. Coffee is on me.

I will:

Answer the phone, follow up, answer all questions, return messages, explain products, offer solutions based on your needs, and help filter out all the noise so we can make good financial decisions for you and your family.